Wikipedia on Printmaking

Wikipedia on Printmaking

Wikipedia has a very comprehensive article on the history of printmaking, as well as the wide variety of processes which fall under this genre. The expressive self-portrait by Rembrandt above is an etching created in 1630. Be sure to visit Wikipedia’s article on...
Printmaking–Step by Step

Step by Step

These images tell the story and sequence of making a simple monotype print using cutout plates to form a montaged pattern of shapes and colors. Mixing the inks (above): Once the artist has conceptualized a design for the print and fabricated plates, a palette of...

Lasansky: Inside the Image

  This is a very nice documentary about printmaker, Lasansky. YouTube videos can be embedded into blog posts as a way to curate relevant content for your audience. All you need to do is include some brief text explaining the content within the video and why you...

There is no point in being an artist unless everything you do is done with love for your work.

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