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In the News at SMU

We would like to share a guest blog about Pressing Through Time—150 Years of Printmaking in Taos by Ellen Buie Niewyk, Curator of the Bywaters Special Collections at Southern Methodist University who attended…

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Harwood Museum exhibition opens!

The first exhibit for Pressing Through Time opened at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos to an enthusiastic crowd last Friday evening. With 83 prints now hanging in three galleries along with little-known calendars and books illustrated with original silkscreens…

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The Printmakers Guild and its Taos Connections

Among the artists for whom Taos was a crossroad, some belonged to printmaking organizations in their communities, such as the Prairie Printmakers around Wichita, Kansas (subject of a future blog), the Lone Star Printmakers, and the Printmakers Guild (launched in north Texas in 1940). These associations reflected a growing interest…

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Early engraved images of Taos

While Peter Moran (1841-1914) was the first artist to produce fine art etchings of Taos in 1880 and 1881, other trained artists came west even earlier. One of the earliest was Joseph Horace Eaton (1815-1896) who graduated from West Point…

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