A Printmaking Festival for Print Collectors, Artists and Lovers of the Southwest!

September 2015 through January 2016 in Taos, New Mexico


Planning for Pressing Through Time began two years ago, inspired by the concept for a Taos-wide set of exhibitions documenting the history of printmaking in Taos to be shown in museums, arts organizations, and selected private galleries. Shows were planned to open in September 2015 and run for four to five months. When the Taos Center for the Arts agreed to act as sponsor and fiscal agent for the project and also provide a major venue for contemporary prints, the Co-Curators, Dr. David Farmer and Bob Parker, then met with museum directors and gallery owners to arrange print venues for a total of seven museums/arts centers and seven private galleries. The museums/arts centers participating in Pressing Through Time were the Harwood Museum of Art, The Taos Center for The Arts (Encore Gallery), The Taos Art Museum at Fechin House, The Millicent Rogers Museum, The E. L. Blumenschein Home and Museum, The Couse-Sharp Historic Site, The Doel Reed Center for the Arts, while the following private galleries showed prints from the artists they represented: Chimayo Trading del Norte, David Anthony Fine Art, Graphic Impressions and Vigil Gallery, Mission Gallery, Hulse-Warman Gallery, Robert L. Parsons Fine Art, and 203 Fine Art. When all the shows were mounted and open, over 630 original prints were on view around the Taos community.

Publicity ranged from articles, notices, and advertisements in the local press, to articles and ads in the regional press extending through Santa Fe to Albuquerque. National notice was in the form of articles and ads that reached collectors, curators, and individuals interested in the history of American printmaking all over the country in Journal of the Print World and The New York Review.

All the exhibitions have now closed, and preliminary numbers for visitors to the Harwood Museum of Art total 7,520 from 48 states, with 1,302 from New Mexico, 262 from Colorado, 234 from Texas, and 98 from New York. The exhibit at the Taos Art Museum at Fechin House drew at least 778 visitors from New Mexico, 504 from California, 484 from Colorado, and 350 from Texas, among many other states. The Taos Center for The Arts had visitors from far and wide as the exhibit was open also during other scheduled events in the Taos Community Auditorium. Some of the galleries have mentioned that they had a number of international patrons view their shows.